Once a Year

Tomorrow we celebrate Easter. The tomb is rolled away, Christ is Risen!! And everyone finds a church. Because you can’t miss Easter in the South…It’s the hottest show in town.

If we aren’t careful, we can make a mockery of Easter. When Christ actually rose from the dead, it was a scandal. The disciples didn’t believe the women who said the tomb was empty. Many hid for fear of being arrested.  The government tried to cover it up for goodness sake. Some to this day still deny it. I don’t say this to diminish Easter, I say this in hopes of adding some sense of reverence to this day.

It is not just a day to put on pastel dresses and show up to church for the first time in a year. (Although my sky blue sheath is ready for tomorrow.) If Easter is the only time you go to church, I am so glad you do!!! But I hope you ask yourself why you are going.

Tomorrow is His day. But so are all the others. If we don’t make an effort to worship Him the other 364 days,  maybe we should be asking why we bother to show up on this one.

With Love,





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